Islamic Calendar 2018



DHIKRUL ALLAH-Remembering Allah at all times.

We should remember Allah at all times.

When starting to do something Say Bismillah
When intending to do something Say InshaAllah
When something is being praised Say SubhaanAllah
When in pain and distress Say YaAllah
When expressing appreciation Say MashaAllah
When thanking someone Say JazkAllah
When repenting of a sin Say AstaghferAllah
When giving in charity Say FisabilAllah
When having doubt about faith Say Amantobillah
When pleasantness appears Say FatabarakAllah
When thanking Allah Say AshukrAllah
When being threatened or offended Say HasbiAllah
When happiness or success occurs Say Alhamdulillah
When seeking refuge in Allah Say Auzobillah