Islamic Calendar 2012



I Trust Allah
I have created this calendar for 2012 with the theme “I trust Allah” which has been my constant prayer day and night for several
months. I have benefited by trusting Him to take care of all my problems, all sorrows, all anxieties and all stresses. So that I could
move around happily, spreading joy and happiness and thank Him. Allah says in Al-Quran 65:2 & 3-“To him who believes in Allah
and the Last Day: And for those who fear Allah, He (ever) prepares a way out. (2) And He provides for him from (sources) he never
could expect. And if anyone puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish his purpose: Verily,
for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion.”
So let us all trust Him to take care of our affairs and let us take care of His commands by helping each other, spreading love and
compassion, feed the poor and hungry and sheltering orphans and celebrate the blessings of this beautiful gift of life on this earth.