Category: Names of Allah on Ceramic Tiles

The Ninety nine Beautiful Names of Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala {SWT} are available in brilliant colors, done as paintings on ceramic tiles. The entire set has 100 ceramic tiles which may be ordered as a complete set or individually. The tiles are available in two sizes namely 12 x 12 and 6 x 6. The original image painted in acrylic on plywood is transferred by a heat sublimation process onto the tiles with special ceramic inks.

The tiles may be mounted on walls, wood, board or any other surface on which ceramic tiles are usually installed. A latex based glue is used to thin-set the tiles. The tiles are recommended for indoor use and they will not fade or discolor over time.

These tiles have been used in mosques and community centers as panels of 50 Names. They have been used in homes as art work either mounted as a frieze on the walls at the ceilings or simple as art panels or framed artwork with 10 to 12 Names.

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