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Arabic Calligraphy is the supreme visual art of the Islamic world, reflecting the significance of the Holy Quran to Islam and its culture. In Islam, the Quran is believed to be Allah Subhana Wa Taalas {SWT} eternal word, giving Arabic a special status as the language of the Revelation. Muslim artists preserved these precious words of Allah SWT and continued to create ever more beautiful ways to write these words and please Allah SWT. Writing styles ranged from early Hijazi to Kufic, to more cursive scripts. I was fortunate to review and study the earliest calligraphy samples to contemporary styles in the Kuwait National Museum. The magic of the fluent, flowing line captured my imagination and I sat spellbound, following the movement of lines forming the precious words. Arabesque designs, representing eternity, were combined with the flow of the written words. I felt the spirituality and faith mirrored in these jewel-like works which are a constant source of inspiration for me.

In the beginning, without knowing Arabic, I used to copy the flow of calligraphy for hours; gradually I started forming my own free style of writing and creating compositions and designs easily. As my Arabic language skills improved, I began creating my own original calligraphic paintings.

I hand color backgrounds, create original works and get some of them made into prints.Please visit following websites which has my original paintings, sculptures and large Arabic Calligraphy paintings with exhibition info and reviews

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I also do commissioned work.

Please visit to view my Painting Collection and Arabic Calligraphy

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